Who We Are

We understand that the decision to move wealth from your country of origin to a foreign jurisdiction is complex and multifaceted and requires a number of significant decisions. Seattle Asian Elite(SAE) was created for precisely that reason as a consortium of independent, best-in-class firms that brings together all of the wisdom, experience, insight, and advanced planning ideas relevant to making each step in the process the right one. We invest in relationships, believe in the creating trust, and we educate and empower. The end result should include; but not be limited to, highly tax efficient, cross border, multi-generational stores of wealth.

Areas of Expertise

Affecting the legal, specialized and tax efficient mechanism for transferring funds across international borders is often a prime objective for many clients of the SAE. Whether for the purpose of diversification of world-wide net worth or to leverage new opportunities in new lands, the SAE has the requisite expertise to move funds to and from multiple jurisdictions.

Cross Border Funds Transfer

The Old Saying is: it’s not how much you make, it’s what you keep that matters. There is no greater return on investment than time spent making sure you are as tax efficient as possible, given your circumstances. The biggest source of shock for people of wealth, and business people, coming to the US is the Tax Code here. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and goals, and then educate you regarding the most effective strategies and design for you, your family, and your business interests.

Advance Tax & Strategic Planning

For individuals and families contemplating coming to the US, the decision to immigrate or not, and which of the available options are the best, is of enormous importance. There are different programs available, all with positive and not so positive features. We consult around who should come, who should stay, and what the best channel to do through is. The legal and immigration firms in the SAE do all the legal and governmental paperwork necessary.

Immigration Consultation & Implementation

Deciding to build, invest in, or purchase commercial real estate is an extremely complicated process, full of risks from beginning to end. Where to invest, what types of properties to invest in, what type of legal, tax, and deal structure to use, what type of financing is best, to manage yourself or have others professionally manage it for you, when to sell, among others are key questions facing prospective owners. SAE member firms include the largest commercial real estate company in the world, along with several others with world-class expertise in all areas of commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Investment & Management

For most of our clients, their wealth is the result of their life’s work, and it’s often one of the most important things in their life after their family. Sophisticated Multi-Generational planning best stewards those two things they cherish. As clients get older, and look forward to being able to enjoy all they’ve acquired over their lifetime, most clients look forward to reducing the stress of managing all their day-to-day business & financial affairs. At the same time, their children and grand-children may not have the skills, or desire to take over for them. Multi-Generational Planning allows families to:

  • Centralize business and financial assets in one place.
  • Make those assets highly tax efficient.
  • Allow for highly experienced, professional management.
  • Accurate, complete, and timely reporting, tax filing, legal changes, etc.
  • Prevent family disputes. Prevent assets from being dissipated through over-spending, divorce, lawsuits, etc.
  • Allow for family wealth to be leveraged into larger numbers through tax savings, insurance, and advantageous financing.

Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

SAE member firms have the capacity and expertise to provide tailored to your unique needs and specifications. This includes traditional bank financing, non-bank financing, asset-based lending and private financing up to $500mm US.

Multi-Channel Financing

Wealth is often built through successful business ownership and clients often wish to acquire new entities and/or expand existing enterprises. The SAE has the expertise to clearly identify the client’s objective and advise on the most tax efficient, legally protected strategy to accomplish.


Proper management to financial assets is critical to protect and grow wealth. SAE member firms provide access to best-in-class asset management platforms for your global portfolio.

Global Asset Advisory

As a storehouse of knowledge and experience, the SAE is well-positioned to help our clients build and properly govern their very own family office team of professionals if that is indeed the appropriate step.

Family Office
Creation & Advisement

Principles That Drive Us


We believe our relationships with people are priority one. It is only from a place of healthy relationship that problems can be identified and eliminated. Our job is to care for people and we do that by caring for and growing their wealth in a manner consistent with their vision and values.


Trust is earned and cannot be bought. The SAE is dedicated to earning your trust and living up to the highest standards in caring for you, your family and your future.


Our work begins with education. It is our job to educate you as to the challenges and risks that could otherwise destroy your wealth and likewise, to education you as to the sophisticated solutions available to solve otherwise complex problems. Knowledge is power and we are to provide that empowerment.

Principles That Connect Us


We recognize that no one member of the SAE has all the experience or information necessary to care for a client on their own and as such the solutions that are presented and implemented must be crafted in a spirit of collaboration. We are at all times willing to learn from each other and together craft the best solutions to the problems with which we are presented.


The strength of our alliance is built upon the various disciplines being brought together for the benefit of the client. As such, the members of the SAE are committed to excellence in coordinating the work we do for those who secure our services. Effective coordination requires open and healthy lines of communication and a commitment to ensure that we are, at all times, working with and not against each other for the benefit of the client.


While otherwise unaffiliated firms, the members of the SAE believe strongly in assembling the best team of experts possible for the benefit of the clients that we serve. This means that in all matters and in all ways we will seek to work in a collegial fashion placing the ultimate well-being of our clientele above our own.


Dynamic Affluence Group


Dynamic Affluence Group (DAG) is an integrated team of experienced executive advanced planners, senior accountants, and tax attorneys. We’ve previously held executive positions at major Wall Street firms, CPA firms, and law firms.

DAG exists to deliver sophisticated solutions in the form of cutting edge planning, to high net worth individuals, families, and businesses who face an array of complex challenges often involving, but not limited to:

  • seamless business succession
  • estate and capital gains tax liability
  • discount and freeze” tax efficiency strategies
  • executive benefits
  • tax efficiency structure
  • multi-generational wealth transfer and design
  • philanthropic and legacy strategies
  • family office creation and governance
  • domicile selection

Capstone Trust


Capstone Trust is a non-bank, boutique provider of trust services capable of serving as corporate trustee for a variety of trust constructs. Capstone Trust exists to steward the financial wealth of our clients, to protect the interests of owners and beneficiaries and to empower clients in the wealth transfer process.

The company’s structure as a stand-alone trust company, otherwise unaffiliated with a bank or investment management firm, provides incredible flexibility in administrating the world wide, real and financial assets of its clientele. As corporate trustee, Capstone Trust provides a tremendous degree of protection, professionalism and continuity to a client’s estate not otherwise available by using an individual trustee.

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